Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Project Rundle - Renaissance Arcade

Post Project Rundle parade we chatted with Storm on how the Renaissance Arcade inspired her dress.

Describe your garment and how the Renaissance Arcade influenced the design? What was your inspiration?
I got my inspiration from the buildings brickwork textures, the window shapes, the leaves of the plants, graffiti and the old brass lighting. I got a distinct Asian feel from Renaissance Arcade and Austin Street, so I used an oriental red for the pop colour in my garment. My design depicts old romance and femineity with a modern twist because of the way the garment hugs and celebrates a woman’s curves.

Tell us about the highlights and challenges of Project Rundle?
I was challenged by having to look at a place in a different way and using everything it encompassed to influence my design process.

View the Project Rundle gallery.

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