Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Grad interview with GretaKate

We chatted with '09 fashion design graduate Greta on life after TAFE and her label GretaKate.

What do you do?
In October 2010 I launched my fashion label GretaKate. I'm currently working on my Winter collection. I also work full-time with Liza Emanuele as her personal assistant.

Your path in fashion was set when...
Since I was a young child who loved making and creating things. My grandma taught me the basic skills of sewing and I've never looked back.

Describe your label in five words.
Individual, fun, unique, detailed, unconventional

Tell us about your favourite garment that you have created from scratch.
One of my favourite creations was a short bridal dress made out of 8 pairs of bleached denim jeans!!! It was for a competition and it was lots of fun!

Top trends at the moment. What is inspiring you?
I like my clothes to last season after season so I try to avoid following trends. I am, however, in LOVE with the "moss green" colour this season. It reminds me of a cold Winter's morning.

One piece in your wardrobe you can’t live without.
I can't live without my charcoal wool coat. It's easy to put with anything, toastie warm for Winter and looks great with my new boots.

Favourite shop, label and blog.
I love One Rundle Trading Co, I love any Australian label and I love CAKEFACE

What did you love about studying at TAFE SA?

I loved the inspiring atmosphere, the people/ lecturers and the freedom of creativity.

Where can people find out more about your label?
Either at www.gretakate.com.au or www.facebook.com/gretakate or gretakate@internode.on.net

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